2013 US National Championships Schedule of Events

The USATF National Championships are coming back to Des Moines this June. Running at Drake Stadium will be the best of the best with a shot at the 2013 World Championships on the line.

This marks the second time Drake Stadium has hosted US Nationals, with the previous time coming in 2010. This is the first time the big blue oval will play host to a meet of this stature.

I’ll be heading out there for the first day’s events, but will have to report remotely on days 2, 3 and 4… Thanks for reading!

US National Championship Schedule of Events

Day One — Thursday, June 20th
time event gndr/class round
2:35pm 100m hurdles women heptathlon
3:00pm 3000m St women 1st round
3:00pm triple jump women final
3:30pm 800m women 1st round
3:50pm 800m men 1st round
4:00pm high jump women heptathlon
4:10pm 400m hurdles men 1st round
4:40pm 1500m women 1st round
5:00pm 1500m men 1st round
5:20pm 400m women 1st round
5:45pm 400m men 1st round
6:00pm triple jump men final
6:15pm javelin throw women final
6:25pm 100m women 1st round
6:15pm shot put women heptathlon
6:50pm 100m men 1st round
7:35pm 200m women heptathlon
8:20pm 10,000m women final
9:00pm 10,000m men final
9:25pm end of day 1
Day Two — Friday, June 21st                             
time event gndr/class round
10:00am 100m men decathlon
11:00am long jump men decathlon
12:45pm shot put men decathlon
2:00pm long jump women heptathlon
2:15pm high jump men decathlon
4:10pm 3000m St men 1st round
4:00pm javelin throw women heptathlon
4:50pm 400m men decathlon
5:00pm hammer throw men final
5:15pm 100m hurdles women 1st round
5:15pm pole vault men final
5:45pm 400m hurdles women 1st round
6:15pm 800m women heptathlon
6:30pm 100m women semi’s
6:30pm discus throw men final
6:45pm 100m men semi’s
7:04pm 400m hurdles men semi’s
7:36pm 400m women semi’s
7:52pm 400m men semi’s
8:08pm 800m women semi’s
8:25pm 800m men semi’s
8:42pm 100m women final
8:52pm 100m men final
9:35pm end of day 2
Day Three — Saturday, June 22nd                   
time event gndr/class round
6:30am 20,000m race walk women final
9:30am 110m hurdles men decathlon
10:30am discus throw men decathlon
1:00pm pole vault men decathlon
1:00pm exhibition race women section
1:10pm exhibition race men section
2:25pm 100m hurdles women semi’s
2:30pm shot put women final
2:40pm 200m men 1st round
2:45pm high jump women final
3:00pm javelin throw “a” men decathlon
3:10pm 110m hurdles men 1st round
3:15pm long jump women final
3:20pm hammer throw women final
3:35pm 200m women 1st round
4:00pm javelin throw “b” men decathlon
4:03pm 400m hurdles women semi’s
4:20pm 3000m St women final
4:36pm 400m hurdles men final
4:46pm 1500m women final
5:08pm 400m women final
5:18pm 1500m men decathlon
5:30pm 400 m men final
5:40pm 1500m men final
5:52pm 100m hurdles women final
6:00pm end of day 3
Day Four — Sunday, June 23rd                 
time event gndr/class round
7:00am 20,000m race walk men final
1:30pm pole vault women final
1:45pm high jump men final
2:00pm javelin men final
2:05pm 200m men semi’s
2:10pm shot put men final
2:20pm discus throw women final
2:22pm 200m women semi’s
2:30pm long jump men final
2:40pm 110m hurdles men semi’s
3:04pm 800m women final
3:13pm 800m men final
3:22pm 5000m women final
3:44pm 400m hurdles women final
3:55pm 3000m St men final
4:10pm 200m men final
4:20pm 200m women final
4:30pm 5000m men final
4:52pm 110m hurdles men final
5:00pm end of day 4/meet

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